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Boven's English Bulldogs
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 4 reviews
by Melissa D. on Boven's English Bulldogs

I can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure of being able to adopt one of Boven’s English Bulldogs... YET, 😉 but I can say that as a Vet Technician I have personal experience with Shilow, her Mommies, and those adorable wrinkled babies!

She is always on top of anything that might come up in regards to their health and is quick with a call to make an appointment if needed and makes certain she understands what the best medical approach (if any is needed) is.

Both the Mommy and babies are in such great condition every time we see them, I have no reservations about the love and affection, as well as the proper care that they get from the Bovens.

I adore them all...humans and those amazing wrinkled faces and look forward to seeing them each time they come in for a fecal check or vaccinations!! If I ever get lucky enough to have a baby claim me as hers, I will most assuredly head straight to Boven’s English Bulldogs to let her(or him) find me!

by Ann Elizabeth M. ( Missouri ) on Boven's English Bulldogs

Love love love the Boven's and their gorgeous puppies.They went above and beyond for helping me adopt my fur baby from them. Sent videos and pictures weekly, sometimes daily, and would send at my request also. The care they give these babies is incredible and is the very best. I choose them because their fur babies are a part of their family and the best i have found. Such a loving home. You honestly wont find anyone better. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family in adopting our furbaby from you

by Katie L.B. on Boven's English Bulldogs

Absolutely beautiful family and puppies

by Eric S on Boven's English Bulldogs

Great people, beautiful dogs! You won't be disappointed adopting from the Bovens.

Recently our family was lucky enough to adopt one of Boven’s famous fur balls. We absolutely couldn’t be happier with him, he is so cute, cuddly, affectionate, you name it, he is all of those and so much more! While we were waiting Shiloh would send photos and videos daily of how the pups were coming along. Shiloh is always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had, she’s very knowledgeable about the breed and brings each litter up with top notch care and love. You should see what I call the Maternity Ward for the pups it’s nothing short of phenomenal. As with most things I suggest you talk to a few breeders before making your choice because after talking to the others you’ll know in your heart that Shiloh is the right person to adopt your pup from hands down!! It’s almost not fair to call Shiloh a breeder because she’s so much more than that, and she raises these pups because she loves them, not because she wants to sell them. The Bovens are wonderful people that we are proud to now call our friends, and really couldn’t see getting a pup from anyone else.  –  The Russell Family

Don’t know how I was so fortunate but when I was searching for an English bulldog puppy I stumbled on Boven’s website. I sent an email saying I was interested and was called that night. I could tell this was a breeder who was highly dedicated to her ensuring her puppies go to good homes. We received updates from insemination and then when the puppies were born, almost daily pictures or videos which made us bond with our puppy before we ever saw him. My dad and I looked forward to those pictures every day and were over the moon to see how he would grow, play and discover new things. We now have the sweetest dog ever, Moosie, and I have no doubt his wonderful demeanor is because of the love and attention he received from Shilow and her family, and of course his mama. Moosie loves children and is so sweet with them. Shilow is fantastic and offered so much support and advice, even after I picked up Moosie, I can’t say enough good things about her. Moosie is such a hit with my family, they even say they would want a dog from this breeder! Fantastic lady and breeder…thank you so much! – Warm regards! Tina

We are so blessed to have our baby boy Rolo. Shilow and Troy were so great to work with and we always had great communication with them. They answered any questions we had which made the whole experience better. They care so much about there dogs and it shows in the way our Rolo was cared for and loved until he was ready to come home with us. Our experience was so good. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from them. He turns heads everywhere we go and we just adore him. Thank you so much Shilow and Troy
-The Moore Family

The Boven’s will be the only family I recommend getting an English bulldog puppy from . They take very good care of their bullies and they are absolutely adorable. Will definitely get another from them.
— Courtney C. ( Kansas )
Thomas F. & Dixie W. (Illinois)

Great people to get your bully from.

Sent daily or every other day updates and/or photos until puppy was old enough to leave.

Very good at any any follow up questions you may have. They cover everything very through.

Best thing is we’ve got a great puppy.

Marsh family.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Shilow and Troy Boven. They have given me a very special bully and wingman, who is the finest bred dog i have ever seen. He is not only beautiful but genetically gifted, and extremely affectionate. I have witnessed firsthand the research and preparation they have put in their special diet for their female, and once born, the special around the clock care and dedication. I named my pup Tater, because he looks like a giant sack of potatoes with all his rolls. Bulldogs go through a long health check, and Tater has received 100% perfect from 2 vets, which is rare. Shilow and Troy do not run a puppy mill. They breed bullies purely for their love of their dogs, and make sure their pups find a special home, so they can be treated well, and the pups can bring much joy to their families. If Shilow and Troy were a big business, and rated by Standard and Poor’s they would receive an A+.

Monte C.

I came to Boven’s English Bulldogs as a brokenhearted bulldog mom. I had just lost my 3yr. old bulldog to incompetence at a 24hr emergency clinic. I was in such despair. I truly wasn’t looking purposely for a new baby….that all changed the moment I saw pictures of Rufflebutt’s beautiful babies. I messaged Shilow and poured my heart out, we immediately bonded. She has been the most gracious lady in my life lately. She was available 24/7 for me, helping to soothe my spirit and calm my fears. There has not been one single thing I have asked for that she would not go above and beyond for me. I am forever indebted to her for this beautiful healthy baby that they promised and delivered and approved wholeheartedly by my veterinarian. I am now the proud mom of Bodacious Beauregard. ” Beau” has brought so much love and laughter into our hearts and home. Thank you Rufflebutt, Shilow, Troy of Boven’s English Bulldogs.

Sharon, Charlie & Baby Nettleton. ❤❤❤. ( Georgia )