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About Boven’s English Bulldogs

Please note: Unlike some breeders, we at Bovens English Bulldogs consider all our dogs’ health our #1 priority. Once we retire one of our bulldogs, we do not euthanize them. We keep them in our home for the remainder of their lives.

Welcome to our family. Boven’s English Bulldogs is made up of myself, Shilow, and my husband Troy. We live in beautiful rural Missouri with our 3 children. It’s a wonderful place to raise our family.

We were introduced to bulldogs from a friend, and we fell in love immediately. We added Sadie Mae, our female English bulldog, to our family shortly afterward. Her personality and loving affection have fit in perfectly, and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We wanted to add to our family, and we wanted to share our love and passion for bulldogs with people like you, so we decided to breed her.

We’d love to help you start your journey with your own English Bulldog! Take a look at the puppies we have for adoption here (where you can also make a down-payment to reserve your pup or be added to our waiting list), or Contact Us if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting Boven’s English Bulldogs!

We do yearly health tests and physicals every time before breeding. And we only breed with studs that are health tested and of top quality.

Our Babies

Stella Mae Tator Tot

Sadie Mae Rufflebutt

Opal Mae Heffalump